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The prefecture of Chania has countless impressive beaches, some of which are among the top in the Mediterranean

The region of Chania has amazing places to visit, from secret villages and fabulous beaches to interesting sightseeing. The most famous town is Chania Town, with the characteristic Venetian and traditional architecture. The most impressive beaches are Balos, Elafonissi, and Falassarna, while there are innumerable other amazing beaches around the coastline, from organized resorts to secluded coves.

Chania holidays is a very interesting experience. A drive around the prefecture will also bring you to many interesting sights. Explore the Medieval Castles you will find on your way, trek the many paths along with forests and gorges, visit the small local museums that depict the local history and even try a chat with the locals at the traditional restaurants.

OLD PORT The Old Port, a mix of Cretan,
Venetian elements, beautiful narrow streets and wonderful architecture.
FALASSARNA The almost pink sand, clear,
turquoise waters and
surrounding mountains,
offer majestic scenery.
59 Km
Vertical wild cliffs and
stunning blue waters
create a summer landscape
of incomparable beauty.
14 Km
SAMARIA The most famous trekking gorge
in Europe and a part of the European
E4 hiking trail. Its length reaches
14.5km and takes almost 5-7
hours to hike.
37 Km
ELAFONISSI World's top 25 beaches
on TripAdvisor in 2014.
A protected nature with
more than 110 rare plants.
Famous pink sands are
caused by tiny pink shells.
73 Km
BALOS This gorgeous lagoon and beach
is located on the northwestern
corner of Crete. You can reach
the location by car, but easier
and most fun way is by boat.
51 Km
OMALOS At an altitude ranging from 1,040 to 1,250 meters, Omalos plateau is surrounded by the high peaks of the White Mountains. Locals grew grain and potatoes and there were many shepherd huts and "mitata" (cheese-dairies) where the marvelous cheese of the area was produced. 37 Km
LOUTRO Loutro is a quaint fishing village
on the south coast of Crete. The amphitheatrical bay, lying right by the sea, boasts a unique waterfront made of whitewashed buildings, blue windows, and pink blossomed bougainvillea.
2.5 Hr

Discover the Old town

Chania Old Town is one the most famous landmarks of Crete due to its charm and architecture

In Chania’s Municipal Market you will find key ingredients used to prepare the delicious Cretan dishes. The Turkish district is the favorite place for locals when it comes to dining. A few boot artisans still remain at Stivanadika, the area used to be the home of the cretan boots shoemakers. The Venetian neighborhood of the Old Town in Chania is one of the most picturesque areas. Many of the venetian mansions have been recently transformed into stunning boutique hotels, retaining the original architecture

old VENETIAN harbor

The lighthouse of the Venetian harbor, is considered the oldest existing in Greece, and one of the oldest in the world...

The first phase of the construction of the port was during the Venetian period between 1320 and 1356, however the morphology of the port was inappropriate, as the port was overall small in size and shallow. The foundations of the lighthouse lie on natural rocks and it reaches a height of 21 meters. During the Venetian rule, the purpose of the lantern was to serve as a protective bastion.

ENJOY crete

Culture, combined with diet, nature, people, and new technologies, are Crete's comparative advantages. Feel the traditional incredible hospitality.

Culture and History

Crete and Chania through the struggle for freedom and faith, changed the fate of the Greek and World history.

Maritime Museum of Crete

Preserve and exhibit the spreading of the Navy spirit

Municipal Art Gallery of Chania

Engaged in the area of culture and arts

Museum Residence of Eleftherios Venizelos

The paternal house from 1880 to 1910

Monastery of Gouverneto

Monastery of Gouverneto, or Our Lady of the Angels, was established in 1537

Monastery of Holy Trinity

Agia Triada Tsagarolon, is one the most impressive Churches all over Crete

Grand Arsenal

One of the 16th century shipyards hosting events and symposiums

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